I Have Been Making Good Money

It was not exactly what I was expecting to be totally honest, but it has worked out pretty well. A friend of my Mom set it up for me and it turns out that I am both helping her father install HVAC near me and babysitting him to a degree. Mostly I am supposed to make sure that he does not wreck his pick up truck while he is talking on his phone. Of course he is happy to pay me to do the part that requires a strong back and save himself for the part that requires you to know what you are doing. None of this is on the books. He is over sixty and retired, so he is not interested in doing stuff that he would have to tell the Social Security Administration or the IRS about. They would probably take his checks away after he worked for a couple of months I think.

In fact it is pretty obvious that this guy really does not need to work, but he seems to enjoy having stuff to do. When we are working we use an old pick up truck that has been thoroughly beat up from years and years of hard work. However he has a brand new pick up truck that surely cost him a small fortune. I am sure you could buy a house for that amount of money in some parts of this country. He also has four cars, although one of them is still being fixed up. One of them is really sweet, it is a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 convertible. He let me drive it once and I am really sure that it would rip up the pavement if I started going hard at that four speed transmission. I do not think he has ever driven it hard though.