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Several Reasons why Surface Mount (SMT) is the Preferred PCB Assembly Technique

Throughout decades, the development of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to become compact, effiecient and critical component in making variation of machines, automobiles, computing terminals, PLCs and other electronic devices. Moreover, the primer of new developments, technologies and inventions globally has to be credited mainly to PCBs. The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the most common PCB assembling technique and has been considered a great PCB assembling technique compared to older ones like through-hole assembly. One way or another, SMT assembly is now known to be the barometer in measuring the level of excellence in PCB assembly techniques.

The reasons below are why the process of manufacturing PCBs are preferably limited to SMT:

Beforehand, the point-to-point and through-hole assembly had been used but because it requires lots of time effort simply since it needs assemblers have to solder pads and connect the existing wires there, which means not only taking time to solder but also changing the energy level spread throughout the PCB, for this reason the wide use of SMT has been promoted. The solution that SMT offers is that it solders things on the surface of the PCB unlike the through-hole connections. PCBs are being manufactured through automation by using SMT which can make it time efficient .

Another reason is it decreases the assembly costs. The conventional way of PCB assembly techniques require more time than the newer version which is the automated SMT assembly. Thus, making older PCBs were more expensive to make compared to the way they are assembling SMT today. Also, for archetype PCBs usually necessary to design engineers, the rate for the production of a handful PCBs was greatly discouraged with the older assembly techniques. The discovery of the automated technique and packed with its ability to plan the manufacturing of an assortment of small amounts of PCBs continuously, SMT assembly contributed in lowering down the cost of production. Clients who are anxious about the cash they are about to release, they need to make sure that they are capable of the SMT assembly automation.

Lastly, it can enhanced its usability. PCBs that are designed using SMT assembly allow the use of smaller components than before, which grants it to have greater energy efficiency and for it to be more portable. With these given benefits allowed PCBs to be used in broader set of devices like laptops, computers, smart phones and other machines that makes use of compact PCB board rather than the big ones. The electronic circuit design engineers and OEM machinery designers have greatly accepted the concept of SMT-manufactured PCBs for these given reasons.

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