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Guidelines For Recovering From Gum Graft Surgery

Gum grafting surgery is one of the most popular dental procedures that is performed on receding gums. There are several reasons why gum grafting surgery is a very good solution for receding gums. Gum graft surgery is known of improving the general looks of the patients by giving them back their smiles which lead to increased self-esteem and self-confidence. Another benefit of gum graft surgery is promoting healthy gum and teeth. Another reason why gum graft surgery is very important is that it increases the stability of the gums covering the teeth. Gum graft surgery will also prevent your teeth from recessing. Through gum grafting surgery, your teeth will also become more sensitive.

Gum grafting surgery can be very painful despite the many benefits and thus the need to learn about the key tips for quickly recovering. The following are the key things that you should do to help you quickly recover from gum grafting surgery. It is important to make sure that you do not skip the antibiotics prescribed by the cosmetic dentist after gum graft surgery as this would expose you to more infections, therefore, delaying your recovery. The other tip for recovering from gum graft surgery is using a palatal stent. Using a palatal stent will keep your gums free from bleeding until the stitches are removed. By preventing the foods from getting into the wounded area on your gums, there will be the minimization of pain and quick healing process. Ice therapy is also a very good solution for a quick healing process and pain minimization from the gum graft surgery. Once you have been through gum graft surgery, you will experience swelling at the site of the surgery and at times, the swelling may extend to the whole face, therefore, resulting to great discomfort and thus the reason why ice therapy is essential. It is also good to counter the pain with the right pain medicines, also known as pain killers. You should know that the pain killers are very different from antibiotics. The temperatures of the foods and drinks you take after the gum graft surgery should also be a key concern as hot and cold foods may aggravate your wound, therefore, leading to increased swelling and more pain. Immediately you are through gum graft surgery, try to avoid solid foods as they might hurt your gums and teeth more and try soft foods or liquid diets. The last tips for recovering from gum graft surgery are light exercises, good oral hygiene, and enough rest.

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